Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ten Simple Rules at Shining Lotus

Hello everyone,

Today I will be hosting a discussion about my book "Ten Simple Rules for Living a Blessed Life" at Shining Lotus bookstore in Denver Colorado.

Throughout this discussion I will illustrate what the ten simple rules are, and what benefits we can gain from each one. I encourage the group members to share their experiences with these rules and what blessings they have each received.

At the end of the discussion I will ask everyone to come to this blog in a week or month and let me know which rules they have added to their life and the experiences that have come from them.

If you were not able to make the discussion you are still very welcome to participate. Just in case you have not had a chance to read through the book, the list of simple rules is below:

1. Forgive

2. Exercise

3. Pray

4. Give

5. Create

6. Work

7. Relax

8. Learn

9. Socialize

10. Dream

Thank you everyone, especially those of you who took the time to come out to Shining Lotus and have this discussion with me,

Grant Virtue


  1. these rules look great ! i have not read the book (yet) i'll think about each one first

  2. so great ! i went to the swimming pool during the break and swam thinking about 1 rule at a time, what could each rule means, which rules i already apply etc. and 2 km after that i am very relaxed and so light !
    i hope i'll be able to get your book to get your point of view