Monday, March 7, 2011

The Power of Gratitude

In my opinion one of the most wonderful holidays in North American tradition is Thanksgiving. No, I am not talking about the overindulgence, the football or the typical family arguments that holiday can produce. What I am referring to is the act of saying what you are thankful for.

When we announce what we are thankful for to the universe either in public or private, we are in essence fine tuning our lives. For one we are letting our creator know the things we enjoy and that we really wouldn't mind some more of that. Secondly we are becoming happier people by focusing on the good areas in our lives, rather than the not so good. Nearly everyone would rather be around happy, positive people so having a grateful outlook on life can lead to better jobs, new relationships and more connectedness in general.

The more you can focus on what it is you are grateful for, the more you can learn to ignore those things that you are not so grateful for. By tuning out these negative areas of our lives we are taking back our power from them. We are drawing our line in the sand and letting the world know that if they want to get through our wall, the way is through happiness not anger.

Keeping track of what you are grateful for is a very useful and uplifting experience. A gratitude journal is a fantastic way to go about doing this. It can be as complicated as an iPhone app (yes, they do have an app for that) or as simple as a moleskin or blank sheet of paper you've divided up into different days. Nearly everyone I know that uses a gratitude journal, myself included, will tell you that after as little as thirty days of writing down what you are grateful for your life will start to show dramatic and wonderful changes.

What have you got to lose? Try starting a gratitude journal today and see what sort of blessings you can bring into your life. You may just find that you are grateful for more than you realize.

Grant Virtue


  1. This is great! Thank you for the enthusiastic reminder to do this with conviction. Much gratitude for the good read.

  2. This is sooo true! I asked Archangel Michael to come to work with me this morning (bring your angel to work day lol), and everything worked out beautifully from the moment I left home. We even got home on time, despite a major traffic jam (and lots of chaos). I am loving the synchronicity, I literally spent all day saying THANK YOU!

    LOL even posted it on my facebook page =)

  3. A long as I can stay present, I am able to be in gratitude. Last week, while brushing my teeth I realized how wonderful my teeth are! I know it sounds silly, but each day I brush, floss and rinse my teeth and never really notice and give thanks to my teeth. They mean so much to me, my smile and my chewers. Oh how life would be different without them. Staying present is the best way I have found to see the wonders that surround my life. :)