Friday, November 18, 2011

SpiralDance™Certification Workshop

Spirals are symbolic of life's journey, connectivity to the Divine, growth, releasing, rebirth, the movements between the inner and outer worlds, the cosmic dance of the universe. SpiralDance™ is the movement of spiraling, awakening and developing self-awareness and deep connection with your mind, body, emotions and soul. It is through dancing the path of the spiral that helps us delve within to the core of all things, connect with God Source, invigorate, discover, understand, accept, learn, obtain health and wellness.

SpiralDance™ dances the spiral by working with all elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether, connecting with All That Is; working all energetic bodies as well as the physical body on all levels; aiding one in discovering the body as a divine instrument of expression and creation.

SpiralDance™ was conceived when I left the professional dance world and discovered "traditional" dancing didn't suit me anymore. As my spiritual journey continued, I discovered there was not a dance class that allowed freedom of my spiritual expression. I still wanted to stay in shape, challenge myself and explore movement. I still wanted to dance! And I desired to dance deeply, satisfyingly, creatively, through spirit. I still wanted to keep the structure of technique so as to be safe, healthy and mobile while dancing. I desired to grow in strength and flexibility while keeping connection with Source.

My training as a Martha Graham dancer inspired me to dig deeper into the inner landscaping of myself and humanity. All those years of dancing inspiring, technically challenging contemporary ballets pushed me to open up my venerability and stretch beyond traditionally acceptable dance. In April 2008, dancing in a cramped tiny room, SpiralDance™ was born. Several months later, after some encouragement and support from a dear friend, I found myself teaching SpiralDance™ in Peru! How wonderful it was to see these people expressing, connecting and sharing through dance. This experience inspired me to continue SpiralDance™.

I am excited to share SpiralDance™ with you! Join me in Maui October 23-25, 2012 for the first SpiralDance™ Certification Workshop! In this workshop, you will learn the tools, techniques and philosophies that make up SpiralDance™. You will walk away with a profound learning experience of spiritual movement. Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive the certification necessary to teach SpiralDance™ classes.

I would be honored to dance with you!

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