Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dreams by Melissa Virtue

Rushing tidal waves.... an underground city.... dancing in a red skirt.... floating towards Egypt on a wooden raft... laughing wildly... crisp orange, yellow leaves spiraling around my face.... two paths before me....

Here I sit, with dreams of the night before weaving in and out of my reality, images dancing through my mind, spiraling through my body. I reflect upon their implication. Focusing on every image’s color, feeling, shape, glow, touch, I ponder, meditate, regard and disregard these layered meanings. I have been through the gateway, across the threshold, and crossed the bridge into dreamtime’s other worlds. Some worlds I have known before, others are very new to me. Allowing myself to float, dance, run and weave through these realms permits me to discover, taste, feel, create.... create. Shapeshifting through these other existences, I seek and find. I taste and nourish. I heal and remember. I trust my night journeys as they are pivotal in my growth and awakening.

For much of my life I have explored the mysteries of dreams, studying and seeking guidance from them. During my nightly travels, I invite an extraordinary guide to join me. He protects me and guides me. He teaches me to look within, to open to my highest good. He honors my level of learning. He is a gatekeeper, a magical weaver of dreams. He helps me discern and decipher the coded symbols of my night memories. He helps me journey to places I have been and thought I would not return. A beautiful advisor to me, he aids me in lifting the veils between the worlds. Who is he? Archangel Jeremiel, the archangel of prophetic dreams.

Before sleep, I call upon Archangel Jeremiel to join my magical night travels. He ushers in the dreams needed for healing, solution, and enlightenment. He keeps lower energies out and allows entrance to those for my highest good. If needed, Archangel Azreal and Archangel Jeremiel bring in passed over loved ones to generate healing. Supporting, encouraging, protecting and guiding me, Archangel Jeremiel delivers information that benefits my life’s journey. The Archangel of life review, Jeremiel will initiate past life dreams as opportunity for harmonizing ourselves and creating positive changes. Placing his stone, an Amethyst, near my bed amplifies my dream states. Decorating my room with his color, deep purple, charges my surroundings with his energy. Upon awakening, I call upon Archangel Jeremiel to aid me in deciphering the night’s harvest. Working with our higher self, Archangel Jeremiel wants us to enjoy our dreamtime. He asks us to allow ourselves this time of play, rejuvenation and joy.

Since a young age I have been fascinated by my night adventures. I always felt they were a part of my waking life and knew they held great significance for me. I would reluctantly awaken when they were magical and happily awaken if they were unnerving. Excited, I would discuss my dreams with my mother in full detail every morning. She would patiently listen, hoping this was only an hour worth of dream talk. On my magical night journeys, I felt I was traveling to places I had known and lived before. As I grew older, I realized these were past life dreams. I would travel to other worlds, communicating with other beings of love and light.

As an adult, I lived in New York City at a time where I underwent many transitions and transformations! My dreams became healings, informational downloads, resolutions to situations, dress rehearsals. I began to realize-remember- that these mystical excursions illuminate my inner truths. They aid me in crossing the thresholds to higher dimensions and celestial planes. My dreams can alert me to possible outcomes and future events. I have journeyed through the magical gateways to past lives, spiraled through the stars while astral traveling, created my awake state with lucid dreaming, and danced through various dimensions during my dreamtime. Always when being whisked through portals to other realms, listening to the magical language of the night, and allowing the songs of my soul to vibrate, Archangel Jeremiel (along with my dream guide) has assisted me in these higher awakenings, trainings and healings.

In my dream studies, I discovered night journeying was integral to the ancients spiritual practice. From the sacred Greek shrines of Delphi where dream oracles resided to the Buddhists temples where dream incubation reigned, all ancient peoples regarded dreams as sacred guidance and communication from Source. These ancient cultures would create ritual specifically for dream enhancement. The Celtic people would bathe with herbs such as lavender and clary sage to cleanse and prepare the energetic bodies for dreamwork. They would also drink mugwort to enhance lucid dreaming. The ancient Greeks would abstain from alcohol for three days prior to entering their dream temples. The Native Americans would burn sage, dance, offer moon ritual or attend a sweat lodge in order to increase dream states and peel away layers of illusion allowing truth to emerge. The ancients believed our dream state is our waking state.

Everyone dreams every night, although not everyone remembers their dreams. One can dream in black and white or in full color. Some people travel to higher planes and other stars. Some stay upon this earth plane traveling her different dimensions. Colors, environment, transportation and people are very important symbols within our night journeys.

Dreams are multi-layered. From the most mundane, simplistic to the most complex, all dreams are equally important. Depending on the type of dream, images will vary in hue and texture. The various types of dreams include: Situational, Lucid, Past Life, Astral Traveling. We each hold our own personal symbols within our dreamtime. For example, two people may dream of a red dress. Dreaming of the color red will resonate differently with each person. Red is the color of the root chakra-passion, security, survival, sexual organs. One dreamer may feel red is wonderful and resonates with their creativity, while another dreamer may feel red is uncomfortable and angry. The dress symbolizes how one is embodying red. Is it time to wear it and stand in your creative power? Or, is it time to remove the anger from your physical and energetic bodies? Symbols and colors are very individual. Therefore, we must “feel” out these colors and signs within ourselves. We do not need dreams dictionaries to tell us what these images denote. We hold the keys to our dreams and their meanings. Once more, we dream to awaken. Allow yourself to dream, to be, to become!

Dream Tip: Before bed, affirm the following: I enjoy dreaming and I remember my dreams easily. Upon awakening, keep a journal dedicated only to the recordings of your dreams. Enter the date, then journal any thoughts, feelings, colors, images you brought forth from the mystical, magical night of weaving.

Do you see that beautiful, luminescent door? Archangel Jeremiel is standing next to it waiting for you. Go! Your dreams await you.....


Melissa Virtue

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