Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Power of Prayer

 An excerpt from "Ten Simple Rules for Living a Blessed Life" by Grant Virtue available at

"It is a very fortunate time to be alive because after a century long schism spirituality and science are once again
beginning to reconcile their differences. Both the new spiritual teachers along with some particularly enlightened scientists are starting to realize that they are both saying the same things, just in different ways. Not
all that long ago, as human development goes, it would have been a very rare case for a doctor or scientist not to acknowledge the hand of our creator in the human body and our natural world. That did eventually change of course, and the atheist movement sprung up rather suddenly. While that movement is still unfortunately going
strong, we are at last seeing a reversal of that trend in scientists themselves.

Evidence the fact that studies on prayer have been conducted in fairly rapid fire succession in recent years. Larry Dossey M.D., author of such works as “The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary
Things”, has this to say on the subject “In 1993, only three U.S. Medical schools had courses devoted to exploring the role of religious practice and prayer in health; currently 80 medical schools have instituted
such courses.”

At this point it would be far safer to say that it is proven fact. rather than mere theory that prayer can and does have an enormous positive impact on our lives. Now you may have seen the results of a couple of
studies on prayer that stated there was no effect at all, or worse that it even seemed to cause harm to the person who was praying. he fact of the matter is that there is a tremendous difference between cold
mechanical prayer and real, devoted and heartfelt, praying. Just as in all other areas of our lives we cannot simply go at this halfheartedly and expect dramatic results."


  1. When connecting to the Angels in earnest, prayer i find prayer to be more powerful than any meds or treatment a doctor may prescribe. For the answer to an earnest prayer fulfills the heart, body, mind, emotions, perhaps even layers and dimensions unforeseen or sensed w/the human body or third eye, with a completeness indescribable, an openness and peace in heart beyond words yet calmly felt throughout. I have witnessed the power of prayer and divine communion. I was once diagnosed with an inner ear tumor. On my way home I heard very clearly, "you have a choice. do you want to die?" I cried all the way home and was shown what I perceive could be the ripple affect of my decision. I chose no. not now. Within two months I was scheduled for surgery and the doctor that was to preform the surgery preformed another mri for "his peace of mind." Nothing appeared. nothing and it was explained to me that a terrible mistake must have been made, a misreading of the mri, dirt on the film etc. I knew there was no mistake and in fact I had been given an oppertunity to live, in a way i never had before. This set me on the journey of homecoming. it's been over ten years and my life continues to unravel deeper into connecting w/angels and living as transparent as I can - do as much light as possible can shine through me. i strive to remain in a state of prayer as i offer my life as its outward example.

  2. It is truly wonderful that the power of prayer is finally being recognized by the medical industry. As a Reiki practitioner, I begin all of my sessions with a prayer to all of the Ascended Masters. I continue to pray during my sessions, asking the Archangels to work with me on my clients. The healing sessions are incredibly powerful, and when I actually "saw" an Archangel working with me, well, that just proves that miracles are at work all around us, all day, every day.

    I am a huge fan of your Mom's and have read most of her books. I am looking forward to reading yours.

    Thank you Grant!