Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are You Where You Need To Be?

If you are anything like me a lot of your state of mind comes from your physical location in the world. It is simply a fact that some places feel more like home to us than other places do. There is nothing wrong with the places we do not resonate with, they are just not for us. The problem we can sometimes encounter is how do we know which places are better for us without actually leaving our area, and what do we do if we find out that our current geographical location isn't working for us.

Studying geography may be mind blowingly boring to some people but the benefits are far greater than just being able to win party trivia games. Getting a feel for the places, histories and peoples of places you feel you have always wanted to visit can also help key you in to a possible permanent location as well. Maybe the government is more progressive, or the people generally more laid back. Perhaps the climate is for you, or you feel you want to trade in the concrete jungle for a crystal clear blue ocean. Maybe you've lived in a desert all your life and want to have white Christmases from now on. These things can be learned by studying.

The next logical step is to actually visit the places you have learned about. See if they are as safe as they claim. You will want to see what it would be like to live there, what you would have to give up and what you would gain. Worst case scenario you have simply marked it off your list and can focus on somewhere else. Or perhaps after all of your studying you will find that where you are right now is where you are supposed to be.

The one piece of advise I would give is never let money be your primary factor in where you live. Happiness is much more important and if you really are meant to be someplace the universe will provide much more abundance than you could ever possibly use, and much more than you would have staying in a place you did not absolutely love.

Grant Virtue


  1. I browsed through your site as a sceptic, and came across this blog and did connect somewhere. Having travelled a bit, I realized that some places just dont connect, and some do, and it is indeed worth finding the final place. How I dont know - as practicaly you have job, family, their interests, their connection to places and aspirations as well to keep in mind.

    Very nice article indeed.

  2. I listened to the YouTube readings by Doreen and decided to check out this website. I have a question about places. What if you moved to a place you loved but it didn't work out? I researched Arizona and knew the temps exceeded 100 degrees which was fine with me. I moved to sunny, warm Arizona in 2007 and loved it! It was the best decision I ever made in my life.

    Fast forward to 2010, and I had to move back to Ohio which is very cold, gray, rainy, cloudy, and snowy in the winter time. And the temps are not very warm (according to me) in the summer time. I had to move in with my mom which isn't the best living environment for me since I've done a 360 on the "transformation" front.

    If I could "hug" the sun, I would. I'm having difficulty understanding what went wrong or what I did wrong. I have no desire to stay in Ohio; it's not for me. I prefer warm and sunny to cold and snowy.

  3. Rebecca,all I can say, is me too. I live in the UK so that I can receive my pension, but my heart is in Africa.