Monday, July 12, 2010

Helping Others by Helping Ourselves

Nearly all of us have heard the call to help others. It could be as simple as dedicating your spare time to listening to friends and family members, to quitting your day job and starting your own counseling practice or writing self help books. This is great, as there has never been a better time to start helping as many people as possible.

The thing is though that your angels do not want you to suffer for your craft. If you are not properly looking after yourself then you will not be in a position to completely help another person. The universe needs you to be operating at 100% and the only way to do that is to make sure that you are happy doing what you are doing and have the energy and finances to continue doing it.

Boundaries are probably the biggest paradox we face as light workers. We have to simultaneously shout to the world "bring us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses" while also making sure that we give ourselves enough breathing room to rest and recuperate from healing and enough financial remuneration to be able to afford the amount of time we give to helping without having to work two jobs to pay for it.

I may sound like a broken record but again the way around this is scheduling. Try your best to make sure that the time you spend helping others is scheduled into your day with a clear time to start and a clear time to end. Schedule payments with clients in advance, because after a long counseling session is not the time to be thinking about money for anyone. Schedule your vacations, and make sure you stick to them.

Remember the better you take care of yourself the longer you will be doing this work and the more people will be helped. As the flight attendants say, make sure to put on your own air mask before assisting others.

Grant Virtue

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